New on Plesk Onyx: SEO, AI on WordPress, Performance and Security


Plesk introduces the brand-new Plesk Onyx major update at CloudFest, a world-leading conference geared toward the cloud, hosting, and service provider industries.

Schaffhausen, Switzerland and Rust, GermanyMarch 12, 2018 – Plesk designed their innovative platform especially for web professionals, digital agencies, and service providers. They provide online businesses of any size with the right tools to simplify their daily operations. Today, they release the new Plesk Onyx with enhancements in four key areas: SEO, Site Performance, Server Security, and WordPress Smart Updates with the help of AI.

Your visibility is our responsibility
Getting found with the help of search engine optimization (SEO) is a key success factor for all online businesses. Its not easy competing for rankings with so much keyword competition and full transparency for customers. Your users are smartthey know what to look for and how to get it.

So, you need to stand out from the crowd if you hope to accelerate your online sales. Thats why Plesk Onyx v17.8 now integrates its own SEO Toolkit, helping your form and execute your SEO strategy. By enabling you to monitor your keyword rankings and benchmark yourself against your competitorsall from one place.
Check out the SEO Toolkit for free to explore more premium features, like the Logfile Analyzer and Competitor Analysis.

Performance and Security are key
More and more web professionals enter the community with a broad range of skill levels. However, server and infrastructure management still slips through the cracks. To bridge these gaps and guide you, the team created Plesk Advisor.

Now, no matter your skill level, you can boost your web projects with state-of-the-art security and performance settings in your corner. No need to be a server guru or security expert because Plesk Advisor shares the best practices with the entire web pro community around the globe. Just follow the recommended actions and fix all detected gaps grouped by sections with just a few clicks.

With Plesk Advisor, you get:
HTTP/2 to speed up all your hosted websitesloading times.
Security alerts for early warnings about potential reliability and security issues. Plesk Advisor will analyze and compare your server configuration to thousands of live servers around the world.
The Google Authenticator Extension to enable two-factor authentication for extra protection around user accounts.
Non-disruptive Kernel updates to protect your server against security flaws and vulnerabilities with zero downtime. Because it installs Linux kernel updates without rebooting the server.
SSL/TLS Certificates because a trusted Certificate Authority not only adds to your security, but also boosts your customers confidence in your business.
The Secure CMS to automatically and safely remove malware and patch vulnerabilities in most common content management systems (CMS) like WordPress, Joomla! and Drupal.

Have Artificial Intelligence update your WordPress
Hardly any other technology is changing lives more than AI nowadays. We have machines steadily getting better at learning and processing info, similar to and sometimes even faster than, humans. Naturally, we got in on the action and found a way to automate WordPress using Smart Updates, powered by AI.
WordPress takes the cake for being the most popular CMS to build websites. Thus, a preferred target for malicious attacks. Although there are many WordPress security plugins out there, it still remains a primary concern for the WordPress community.

Using AI, the new Smart Updates feature helps mitigate these attacks by keeping your plugins, themes and WP core up to date. Smart Updates runs a staged simulation to analyze and verify the compatibility of each available update, comparing the before-after screenshots to check for differences, before applying the update to your production environment.

Machine Learning is not the future, its already here”, says Nils Hueneke, CEO at Plesk. “AI will transform major parts of the internet. From doing rudimentary update tasks and helping to secure websites, it might someday automate security operations of an entire web presence.

Jan Loeffler, Plesk CTO, addsWere thrilled to announce that WordPress Toolkit on Plesk Onyx 17.8 uses machine learning based artificial intelligence to check if the WordPress update procedure is likely to break something. And it’s all done without breaking the production site.

With the Plesk WordPress Toolkit, youll get:
Overview and manage all your WordPress sites from one dashboard
Singularly or mass-execute updates to the WordPress core, themes or plugins
Stage, clone, sync, update, migrate and execute other complex tasks with one click. No more stressed-out dev teams, no more high-risk activities and no more cowboy coding
Hardens your site by default, further enhanced with the Toolkits security scanner. No security expertise necessary.
Available on Plesk Onyx version 17.8 only:
New interface for managing WordPress instances, getting a faster and focused WordPress Toolkit experience
Smart Updates: WordPress updates will be analyzed by a machine learning based Artificial Intelligence to ensure the update procedure wont break the production site
Configuration of caching for WordPress instances can be easily done with
a single click

Find out more about Plesk WordPress Toolkit here.

Find your fit with the new Plesk Onyx version 17.8
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