HADI TEHERANI SOLAR off to a successful start

Hadi Teherani, the architect, renewable energy pioneer and bearer of the German Order of Merit, creates a new company for sustainable photovoltaic projects and investments in Hamburg, Germany.

The solar industry is facing the biggest boom of all time. In 2030, 65 per cent of electricity consumption in Germany is already supposed to stem from renewable energies – a major portion thereof from solar energy. For more than 25 years now the Hadi Teherani Group (https://www.haditeherani.com) has been addressing the issues of energy efficiency and photovoltaics. Fully in line with trends in the direction of sustainability and solar sources, the founding of the firm Hadi Teherani Solar GmbH has now ensued in Hamburg (https://www.haditeheranisolar.com).

This innovative enterprise has devoted itself to comprehensive sustainability and economic efficiency. Hadi Teherani Solar provides seamless all-round service and implements photovoltaic projects for clients who won”t have to worry about a thing. Quasi from the planning phase all the way to the power grid hook-up. This is made possible because the solar company spun off from the Hadi Teherani Group is headed by an interdisciplinary and highly experienced management team. Founder and partner Hadi Teherani is an architect, designer and visionary in one. Managing director Thomas M?nzel is in charge of the sectors Sales, Marketing and Investment in a capacity as strategist, developer and communicator. The corporate consultant has readily liaised and accompanied investments, corporate purchases / mergers and acquisitions (M&A) along with the capital procurement associated with them since 1993. Payam Hazin, managing director at Hadi Teherani Solar, is a mechanical engineer and inventor, a co-ordinator and innovator, and at Hadi Teherani Solar he is responsible for the sectors Technology, Project Development, Project Management and International. The engineer has accumulated years of experience in the enactment and worldwide sales & distribution of large-scale photovoltaic plant facilities.

Solar investments for capital investors: safe, lucrative and sustainable thanks to German Renewable Energy Sources Act (“EEG”)

The expansion of renewable energies is a central pillar of the energy system transformation in Germany. However, since this energy transition cannot be financed from tax revenues alone, lawmakers are creating incentives for private-sector investors as well. That”s why investors ought to take advantage of the opportunity and profit from the energy transition by becoming involved via a direct investment in photovoltaic plants. Thanks to the “EEG” the rate of return turns out to be quite high – and carries a government guarantee. The fact is, German energy suppliers are obligated by law to purchase green electricity at a remuneration per kilowatt-hour which is guaranteed for 20 years. In other words, anyone who secures their own “sunshine pension” is supporting climate protection and investing their money profitably (learn more: https://en.haditeheranisolar.com/kapitalanleger). Returns from four to six per cent along with large tax benefits are the basis of a stake in a photovoltaic plant. The leasing of own roof areas is an equally lucrative and eco-friendly possibility to generate energy and money from sunshine. Through their personal contribution to energy system transformation, consumers become power generators and investors – comprehensively and sustainably, fully in conformity with the vision and belief held by Hadi Teherani.

Contact Hadi Teherani Solar GmbH:

Thomas M?nzel
Elbberg 1,
22767 Hamburg
+49 (0) 40 36 93 40 40

Media Contact:

G?rs Communications
PR Contet Marketing
Daniel G?rs
Westring 97
D-23626 L?beck-Ratekau
info (at) goers-communications.de


Holistic buildings, holistic life:
We design for the future.

Regardless of one’s perspective:
We merge design and sustainability.

Our climate. Your energy.

Being dedicated architects we are designing for the environment”s future: our projects are guided by holistic and sustainable goals.

We are guided by environmental awareness, gentle use of natural resources and fair, honest, transparent business principles. Throughout our daily life, within our company, as partners, and beyond.

For over 25 years we have been contributing to a future of clean energy. We develop your projects with an integration of photovoltaics.

We are united by our philosophies: distinctive, courageous approach and open mindedness combined with the endeavour to make way for changes and unbounded ideas. This is the only way to tackle the challenges we face due to the inexorable consequences being evoked by climate change.

You are invited to profit through our projects and partnership!


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