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(NL/9879051236) Since its foundation in December 2006 Cologne Sven David Mueller Chairman of the German competence center is health promotion and dietetics e. V. He was born on 13. September 1969 Born in Braunschweig, with the graduate teacher and specialist in German (BA) Almut Müller married and has one son. He has the training to become a certified dietitians, the development of the German Diabetes Association for diabetes educator and a study of nutritional medicine applied graduated with a Master's degree. The German Center for Health Promotion and Dietetics is a recognized professional society, that advocates for comprehensive science-based health promotion and dietetics in accordance with the teaching of a healthy lifestyle. In health promotion actors must promote at eye level people's health and contribute to alleviating diseases. The German Center for Health Promotion and Dietetics is the voice and network for those working in the medical prevention professions, says Sven David Mueller, the function of the organization, which has been recognized as a charity. The German Center for Health Promotion and Dietetics ( hat 250 Members and activists.

Why do you work for nearly twelve years on the board of the German Center for Health Promotion and Dietetics with?
Because it gives me joy, I strive for greater health and less disease. I probably have a helper syndrome and am also a dutiful man, likes and constantly works for the good cause. In this case, however, is not the society, the state theater friends in Braunschweig, in which I am a member, and not the Association for the Rescue of the castle Blankenburg, but the German Center for Health Promotion and Dietetics meant. The board members are volunteers in terms of members and the people. Besides my job I put my energy volunteer for health promotion and can work together with my fellow board members and the members something prevail and. the legal protection of nutritional counseling are particularly important to me, academization the profession of dieticians including an associated renaming – away from the wizard through to Competent – and changes in the health education toward emotional appeal Direction programs and measures.

How did you become one of the most well-known nutrition experts in Germany?
The answer I can give easy: Through decades of daily volunteer efforts and answering thousands Journalists. even before 27 Years I gave at the University Hospital Aachen media representatives answers to their questions on nutrition issues. After a short time, many journalists knew, that I bring things to the point and binding'm in my answers. Journalistically I had already worked during my training as a certified dietitians in Bad Hersfeld and have my first article in the New pharmacies magazines in summer 1989 published on nutrition in gout. But even in the scientific field I am active as a writer and includes my list of publications 227 published in national and international journals Posts. Through my journalistic- Medicine and editor-training I've learned, what journalists in the press, Funk, Online media, need television or trade media. So I can look back on a rich TV experience and have for years hosted a TV health show in Leipzig. Overall, I am flickered over a thousand times across the screens. Word gets around and there were times, in which I have given interviews daily. Today I work as a rule only with selected media representatives. This includes primarily the ZDF WISO consumer magazine in which I am regularly interviewed as a nutrition expert. Intensive I work for more than ten years with the Bild newspaper, which Fit for Fun, together the editors of and and magazines COLORFUL and radio clock. IMAGE and have an extremely large range and so that excellent health education can be achieved, which is very close to my heart. I want to promote health awareness comprehensively, provide information about nutrition and dietetics and of course also represent my profession of state-certified dieticians and promote help. I'm doing now for almost three decades incessantly in particular by an intensive media work, which has led to, I will repeatedly referred to as Mister nutritional advice or Sherlock Food in the media.

Whichever theme you put in a particularly?
Since I diabetes mellitus at the age of six years Type 1 am ill and for almost 43 years white, the impact exerted by the diet on my body, Journalists often ask me to diabetes mellitus. Through my TV appearances, especially in programs such as service trends or WISO, I am one of the few known diabetics, and therefore will always to congresses, invited measure or TV shows, ask this chronic metabolic disease in focus. There are not many diabetics, the same writer, TV presenter and diabetes educator of the German Diabetes Society, certified dietician and nutritional medicine scientists. I would not hide, I probably would not become dietician without my diabetes. I met at the diabetes clinic in Bad Lauterberg as a young patient's dietician Doris Luebke and her team. Finally, the work and commitment of Doris Luebke had me, which for many years chairman of the Professional Association of Dietitians (VDD) war, led to, be certified dietician to want and of course also be a member of the Professional Association VDD. For me, the career path first led into practical diet- and nutritional counseling and diabetes education at the University Hospital Aachen with Professor Siegfried Matern and then to journalism and the Publizistentum. I would like, that the people's way of suicide with knife, Fork and glass on healthy nutrition- Find and lifestyle. That drives me every day.

What do you still want to achieve with the German Center for Health Promotion and Dietetics?
Particularly important is the legal protection of nutritional advice seems to me. It can not and must not be, must that every nutritionist call and offer nutritional advice and perform. Dietary counseling may be my opinion only carried out after qualifying training. Why the state's population not before dodgy nutritionists and coaches, have completed any training or study, protects, I can not understand. The German Center for Health Promotion and Dietetics calls for the legal protection of dietary advice. This must be carried out according to our estimates only by certified dieticians and nutritionists with diploma or Master's degree. Particularly important are the more academic of the profession of state-certified dietitians seems. Here in the past decades much be missed, what needs to be made up in a timely manner. Academization is the basis of a goal-oriented nutritional therapy and dietary advice. With the academisation, the amendment to the Act on professions of dietician and the renaming of the profession of legislators achieved significant benefits for the population and their health maintenance and the relief of suffering. I call upon the leaders of the Legislative Assemblies of the federal and state governments to: Help you and which, coming to you, and all other people in Germany! Designed laws academisation of nutrition advisory professional dietician. We need the nutrition consulting area competence, which is publicly controlled.

What stimulates you in nutrition, particularly?
Nutritionist almost always rain on me. And especially so-called Ernährungsdocs. After a short course with 75 time hours (from that 15 self-study or as seminar work) a doctor can call nutritionist. State-certified dietitians and nutritionists complete their training or their studies, after they have completed thousands of hours. Compared to dieticians and nutritionists nutritionist are downright unqualified for the diet- and nutritional counseling. The level of knowledge after just 75 Time hours may be sufficient, placing a nutrition therapy and dietary counseling. Why address the media again and again with diet doctors, when it comes to nutrition, I can not understand in light of the minimal training. In addition, the 75-hour training covers in particular scientific issues and does not qualify for a practical diet- and nutritional counseling. The hype surrounding so-called Ernährungsdocs in the media is absurd and ends hopefully with their disenchantment. Who wants to know about nutrition and diet therapy, should contact a certified dietician or nutritionist with a diploma or Master's degree, because doctors are usually not qualified for such sets of questions. I find unbearable the many designated non-experts, coming in the media more and more frequently on nutrition to speak. cooks, especially chefs, vegan, cabaret, Coaches, fitness trainer, athlete, journalists, writer or (formerly thick) Celebrities usually have no competence, is for nutritional physiology, to express nutritional therapy or dietetics, nevertheless they come in a prominent place increasingly word. Who is not at least a certified dietician or nutritionist with a diploma or Master's degree, should not be questioned and, of course, not about things on nutrition, of which he knows nothing, express.

Why is it, that for decades billions are spent on health promotion, yet little is happening?
Unfortunately, for many years, many billions flowing into the wrong channels and finance actions or things, hardly or not promote health. Health education, medical prevention are still aligned rationally appealing. Aberration not determined our behavior, but usually Emotio. We need to move people emotionally, to achieve something. And we can see, for example, printing only as a mere starting point of a behavior modification. Alone with them little can be achieved, but it can be set only a starting point in a complex process. A brochure does not change the behavior in general. This requires more complex, and other approaches. A change in behavior should be fun, the media should interact with the man and his behavior, to change anything. Especially the modern digital possibilities are ideal for an emotionally addressed health education. I wish, that the German Center for Health Promotion and Dietetics even more powerful Community, for example, the legal protection of nutritional advice interspersed in a concerted action. We are looking for active members, the get involved and use the medical society as a mouthpiece as well as network and advance on broad shoulders.

Finally, a question: What do you do for your own health?
I am a pedestrian, have no driver's license and go twice a day with our Parson Russell Terrier Oskar walk. This is next to our garden my fitness program. At dinner I pay particular daily abundant supply of vegetables and fruits. also fish, Nuts and high-quality vegetable oils are not forgotten with me and I'm a fan of Asian cuisine. I find relaxation in the work and listening to classical music. I am very pleased, I could make my hobbies into a career and find so much joy in the journalistic work. My continuous glucose monitoring I leave the Freestyle Libre system from Abbott and must control my long-standing diabetes mellitus (Unfortunately) not only the insulin analogues Toujeo and NovoRapid splash, but also take more medications daily. Checkups I regularly come true and the composition I notice, because I, how many type I diabetics suffer from celiac disease and must eat gluten free.

The membership of the German Center for Health Promotion and Dietetics brings many benefits
The annual membership in the German competence center cost health promotion and Dietetics 36,- Euro and includes free subscription of four journals (Diabetes Forum, Naturopathy, Nutrients and Body Media) on. The General Assembly in March 2018 decided, that all members of the German Center for Health Promotion and Dietetics be a member of the Central European Diabetes Association automatically. The costs, which is also the reference of the journal Diabetes, including heart and metabolism, carries the German Center for Health Promotion and Dietetics. All new members receive a welcome gift, das in. a. the high-quality technical book profession- and consulting practice for dietitians and nutritionists (Mainz publishing, Aachen) contains. Membership may be be requested.

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