CoilCraft and Cary 26 Education Foundation team up to support STEM project

The Cary 26 Education Foundation has been working together since 2004 as a nonprofit organization to support enrichment programs throughout Cary Elementary District 26.

This year, STEM teacher Angela Swanson presented a request for a grant to help enlarge her collection of Lego Mindstorms robots.

Swanson had been teaching a robotics unit to the class to expand the students’ knowledge of computer programming and to give them an opportunity to use it off the screen in a real-world experience.

The students worked in groups to design and program the robots using motors, sensors, gears, wheels, axles, and other technical components. Then they were put to work to test, troubleshoot, and revise their designs to enhance their robot’s performance.

Excitement filled the room as Swanson shared her ideas for using the robots and the Cary Ed Foundation was eager to support the endeavor of STEM activities in the classrooms.

The foundation reached out to local company CoilCraft to help fund the project. Together they were able to fund the project and help Swanson put eight more Lego Mindstorm robots into her classroom.

Thank you to CoilCraft and the Cary 26 Education Foundation for working together to enhance the learning experiences of the students.

To learn more about the 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, email or visit

The Cary 26 Education Foundation supports programs that expand the educational experience of students in Cary elementary and junior high schools. This includes enrichment opportunities like educational trips and competitions, and programs that are proposed by educators via the grant program.

The sponsored activities are enabled entirely by the generosity of volunteers, participants in fundraising activities, and donors.


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